No Skin Off My Back….errr Fingers.

I need to rest…I’ve been putting this off for about 2 months now, but it’s time to take a few days off and allow my skin to grow.  The constant application of drying agent to my hands, combined with the parched air of winter has caused a chronic crack in the tip of my middle finger.  Every time I make a move to my right hand I’m reminded of the turmoil I’ve put my hands through.  Each time the wound begins to heal my eternal optimism tells me that I can keep climbing, it wont open up again.  Until I whack my hand against a hold and feel the sharp sting of skin being torn apart.  As I look again at my beat up finger, the deep red of the blood makes its way past layers of thick calloused skin.  Against the whiteness of my chalked hands the red is somewhat beautiful, but what it represents is inherently evil.  I need to take a break…hopefully a few days of applying lotion, covering the wound(s) (I have a few others now too…) and not putting tremendous amounts of stress on them, will have me all healed and sending again.  Time to read up on route setting.



By adamwold

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