Bishop Wrap-up

I rolled back into St. Paul last night after 5 amazing days in Bishop. I didn’t get as many sends as I had hoped for but it was great to get outside to climb. I really need to practice on real rock more.

On the second day of the trip we went to the Buttermilks again in the morning. I worked on The Dripper, which I sent that day, The Knobs, High Plains Drifter and the Bowling Pin. In the afternoon we headed to the Happy Boulders where I worked on Solarium for a little bit after some warm up climbs. However my skin and muscles were aching at this point, and I was unable to get the send. The next day was supposed to be a rest day but we did go to the Happy Boulders again in the morning. I again worked on Solarium, but the pockets did not feel good on my tendons and we left after a short session. We were going to go to the hot springs afterward but unfortunately they were closed that day! We ended up finding a dog park in town for Henry to play at, and we had some fun walking down main street checking out the local shops.

On Wednesday we headed to the Happy Boulders again. After watching some videos of others climbing “Solarium”, I finally had my beta down and made quick work of the problem. After that I spent some time working out “The Hulk” but I was not able to complete it.

We then went out to the hot springs and the soak was very refreshing! Afterwards we drove up to the Buttermilks but were thwarted by high winds.

I spent my last day at the Buttermilks and managed to send “The Knobs” and “Go Granny Go”. I also made good progress on “High Plains Drifter” but was unable to complete the crux move, before deciding to move on.

I can’t wait to go back to Bishop again. There is so much rock to be climbed there, I’ve barely scratched the surface!

Here is a video of my main ascents of the trip. Enjoy!

By adamwold

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