The Ice Knife V15, 2nd and 3rd ascents

Paul Robinson and Daniel Woods recently headed up to Guanella Pass, CO to try out Dave Graham’s unrepeated boulder. Video by Beau Kahler.

2 replies on “The Ice Knife V15, 2nd and 3rd ascents”

“A couple days ago, Paul Robinson and I ventured into the alpine, in hopes of checking out Dave Graham’s unrepeated test piece; The Ice Knife (8C). Our first day ended up being an epic quest of trudging through snow, creeping through pine trees, and jumping in talus. We did not find the boulder. Determined to find it, we returned the next day with better directions. Success was made and Paul and I were able to figure out the moves and start making send attempts. The style of climbing is very physical requiring tense compression moves and insecure toe hooks. After a rest day, we were able to get the job done. Beau Kahler captured the action and put together this short. Enjoy” Daniel Woods

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