Nalle Hukkataival sends Gioia(V16)

In this new video we get to see Nalle’s ascent of one of the hardest boulder problems in the world Gioia in Varazze, Italy. The problem is rated 8C+(V16). Nalle contends that this is indeed one of the hardest boulder problems he has ever done, but questions whether it is a full grade harder than most 8C’s already out there.

Spring is Coming, Time to Train!

New workouts to refresh your gym training

While it may seem improbable given the frigid Winter we’ve had here in Minnesota, Spring is right around the corner.  In the last couple weeks we’ve even had a few days in the 40’s!  You may have been stuck in the gym all Winter and if your training regiment has been lacking(or like mine, nearly non-existent) here are several new workouts from Climbing Magazine to get you in shape for the Spring season; all while keeping you on the wall.

Happy Climbing!