Spring is Coming, Time to Train!

New workouts to refresh your gym training

While it may seem improbable given the frigid Winter we’ve had here in Minnesota, Spring is right around the corner.  In the last couple weeks we’ve even had a few days in the 40’s!  You may have been stuck in the gym all Winter and if your training regiment has been lacking(or like mine, nearly non-existent) here are several new workouts from Climbing Magazine to get you in shape for the Spring season; all while keeping you on the wall.

Happy Climbing! 


My so-called training plan

Well I don’t have much of a plan…I was considering doing a 6-week Strength Endurance plan from ClimbStrong, but I’m a little too lazy/I’d rather just climb.  I am however going to supplement my climbing with elements from this plan, as well as some Hangboard workouts that aren’t mentioned there.

To start myself off, last night I spent about an hour doing hard bouldering, after which I did 4 sets of pyramids on the hangboard, and then the pull-up workout mentioned in the training plan.  I plan to alternate the pyramid exercise with a repeater workout, and I’m trying to add more roped climbing for endurance.   I’m hoping these additions to my regimen will be enough to see an improvement in my climbing by next month.


Training Time

With just over a month until the annual Passion for Flashin’ competition at Vertical Endeavors, it’s time to kick it into high gear.  I’ve never really adhered to any sort of training program, usually I just try to climb more.  But I would like to continue my recent improvements and I think this competition will be good motivation for me to do so.  Also posting on the internet that I plan to train may help me as well.  My next post will consist of what I actually plan to do to train…hopefully 😛

Climb on my friends.



The Exuberance of Progress

Last night while working out at my local Vertical Endeavors, I had a major breakthrough in my climbing.  I managed to complete each move on a route rated V7.  After spending nearly a year stuck at around the V5 range I have finally started to make some obvious forward progress, and that has enhanced my excitement for the sport even more!

I’ve also been working a V8 in my past two sessions, and I think with more time, and a little luck I might get that one to go as well.  It’s a crimpy little number, which is just my style, but I’m having trouble with a hard Gaston move on a very steep part of the wall.  We’ll see how it goes 🙂

I hope to go back tonight to link all the moves on the V7.  Looking forward to getting outside and testing my climbing prowess on some real rock this Spring!

Climb On my friends!!