Nalle Hukkataival sends Gioia(V16)

In this new video we get to see Nalle’s ascent of one of the hardest boulder problems in the world Gioia in Varazze, Italy. The problem is rated 8C+(V16). Nalle contends that this is indeed one of the hardest boulder problems he has ever done, but questions whether it is a full grade harder than most 8C’s already out there.


Adam Ondra and Two V16s

This video has been making its way around the web, and I feel compelled to share it as well. Here we see something not done very often, not one, but two V16s climbed by Czech climbing phenom Adam Ondra. The first is Terranova in Adam’s homeland of Czech Republic, put up by Adam himself in 2011. The second is Gioia, in Varazza, Italy, which was first scent by Christian Gore in 2008. If watching Adam conquer these boulders doesn’t get you psyched to climb, I don’t know what will.