Gov’t Shutdown Closes National Parks and the Climbing Within

Gov’t Shutdown Closes National Parks and the Climbing Within

Due to Congress’s inability to pass a spending bill, the US Government has shut down.  As a part of this all National Parks are closed to visitors.  Head over to the Access Fund and let your congressmen know how you feel about the situation.  As you may have heard Chris Sharma has joined forces with Tommy Caldwell, Kevin Jorgeson, and Jonathan Siegrist, to try to tackle the Dawn Wall in Yosemite this Fall, so we need the parks back open!


A Gift From Wyoming: Part 2

A Gift From Wyoming Pt. 2 Here’s the second on Alex Honnold’s FA of “A Gift From Wyoming” in Yosemite Valley. In this video we see Alex bolting the route, and begin to work out the Beta of the 180 ft. pitch, and finally send the route. The first video can be found in a previous post here Enjoy!