#Black Lives Matter

Visit my photography website, linked below, to see my photography project on the Black Lives Matter movement in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. #BlackLivesMatter

Black Lives Matter Project


Adam’s Escapades Summer Road Trip Part 1

You can head on over to my blog, Adam’s Escapades, to check out a new post about my recent road trip!  This one covers my visit to the Bad Lands, and I will have another up soon about Rock Mountain National Park!

Ashima Shirashi scending Golden Shadow(V14) in Rocklands, South Africa. Photo: Kenji Tsukamoto

From the Petzl Facebook page, 13 year-old climbing phenom Ashima Shiraishi has scent her first V14! This girl just keeps it coming. I can’t wait to see her push the limits of climbing in the years to come! Congrats Ashima!


Petzl Pad Party

Some Petzl sponsored climbers including Dave Graham, Dani Andrada, and Paul Robinson boulder around Macedonia using the new line of Petzl Crash Pads. Along with the great bouldering we even see a quadcopter rescue! Enjoy!


New V13/14/15 in Minnesota?

New V13/14/15 in Minnesota?

One of the other strong men in the Minnesota bouldering scence, Nic O., provides some analysis on Jim Merli’s recent ascent of L’ Étoile du Nord.  Enjoy!


The Hardest Boulder in the Midwest

A few weeks ago Minnesota strong man Jim Merli sent the sit start to what is one of the hardest problems in the Midwest, The Amateur(V12/13) at Sawmill Creek Dome in northern Minnesota. Jim dubbed the complete line “L’ Étoile du Nord”, french for “The Star of the North”.